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Practicing in beautiful Sonora, California, Lindsey K. Terry, Attorney at Law, provides excellent representation to residents of the Mother Lode.  Our office focuses upon criminal law and family law matters.  Whether you were recently arrested or are engaged in a custody battle, Lindsey K. Terry is here to provide the legal knowledge and resources needed to resolve your case.  There is no such thing as a small case - every case is important to the client involved.

Lindsey K. Terry is both professional and hard-working.  She will provide you with the guidance and tools to navigate the California court system and will be with you during your legal journey.  Our goal is to provide exceptional legal services at an affordable cost.

Lindsey K. Terry has experience in both criminal and family law.  She is a former Tuolumne County resident and returned to the Mother Lode after graduating law school summa cum laude.  Lindsey K. Terry understands the needs of clients in Tuolumne County and the struggles this community faces.  Let her assist you during this difficult time in your life.

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Areas of Practice


From petty theft to drunk in public, misdemeanor charges cover a wide range of activities with a potential penalty of a year in jail.  Prop 47 application may also be available for prior criminal charges. 


Looking at prison time?  Felonies can become complicated quickly.  California's Three Strikes Law can come in to play and there are other personal concerns that occur while you are in custody.  Don't hesitate to seek legal help early.

Driving under the influence

A DUI can have far-reaching consequences, including loss of a license.  In a rural community like Tuolumne County, the ability to drive is critical.  Many people in the community cannot walk to work and cannot rely upon public transit.  Lindsey K. Terry can provide the representation you need.

drug charges

Prop 64 legalized marijuana in California, but there are still some limitations on the use of cannabis.  Other drugs are still illegal and possession is a crime.  Hire an attorney who knows the difference. 


A lot of families go through divorce.  Family court has many steps and can be a lengthy process. Custody, property, and retirement are among the many factors of consideration when going through a dissolution.  Make sure you have the right attorney guiding you through the process.

paternity/child custody

Not all custody cases involve divorce.  Some families do not have a marriage license, but that does not make the process easier.  Lindsey K. Terry understands the struggle of dividing families and can explain the legal process plainly.


If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.
— Louis D. Brandeis


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