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Legal support for criminal and family law matters.

Areas of Practice



From petty theft to drunk in public, misdemeanor charges cover a wide range of activities with a potential penalty of a year in jail.  Prop 47 application may also be available for prior criminal charges. 


Looking at prison time?  Felonies can become complicated quickly.  California's Three Strikes Law can come in to play and there are other personal concerns that occur while you are in custody.  Don't hesitate to seek legal help early.

Other areas

Traffic tickets

Domestic violence





A DUI can have far-reaching consequences, including loss of a license.  In a rural community like Tuolumne County, the ability to drive is critical.  Many people in the community cannot walk to work and cannot rely upon public transit.  Lindsey K. Terry can provide the representation you need.


Prop 64 legalized marijuana in California, but there are still some limitations on the use of cannabis.  Other drugs are still illegal and possession is a crime.  Hire an attorney who knows the difference. 

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Please contact our office to ask if Attorney Terry will handle your legal dispute. 


A lot of families go through divorce.  Family court has many steps and can be a lengthy process. Custody, property, and retirement are among the many factors of consideration when going through a dissolution.  Make sure you have the right attorney guiding you through the process.


Not all custody cases involve divorce.  Some families do not have a marriage license, but that does not make the process easier.  Lindsey K. Terry understands the struggle of dividing families and can explain the legal process plainly.